Heal Your Life
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Discover Your Life Purpose & Ideal Career

  • What is my life goal?
  • How do I find joy in my job again?
  • Would I be happier with another job?
  • What are my talents and qualities?
  • Questions & solutions about burn-out and stress?
  • How do I get satisfaction from my work?

Through exercises and assignments, you get an insight into your qualities, skills and what you find important and less important in your career. Afterward, you will put together a personal development plan. In this plan, you indicate which steps you want to take and which job you want to manifest. This way, you don’t only know what you want, but also how you can achieve it.

You also learn:

  • To discover and write down your life goal, passion and mission
  • To let go of limiting beliefs about work and money
  • To discover the power of visualizations and affirmations with regards to attracting your ideal job

This fascinating 6-part training guides you and offers you a backpack full with inspiring tools and exercises.

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