Heal Your Life

Abundance… Also within reach for you!

  • Do you think abundance is not available to you?
  • Are you convinced that you weren’t born for success and abundance?
  • What does abundance mean to you?
  • Is money difficult to discuss for you?
  • Are you worried about your finances a lot?
  • Are you scared to change some things in your life because of possible financial consequences?

Money is a difficult topic for many people and yet it is an important aspect of our life. Money doesn’t make you happy, they say… But you’re also not happy without money… A fascinating topic to explore, in other words…

During this workshop, you will be stimulated with various exercises that will make you realize that prosperity and success are an inner process.

You will discover your personal limit(s) about money and abundance in an effective way and find out which ones prevent you from living a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Through powerful exercises from the ‘Cosmic Kitchen Concept’, you learn how you can manifest your deepest desires.


  • Convictions about money
  • Universal principles
  • Awareness exercises to let go of old convictions and create new thoughts
  • Exploration of the meaning of “abundance”
  • What are affirmations and how can I use them optimally?
  • Make your own treasure map & write your new story!
  • Visualizations & meditations

Including hand-outs

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