Heal Your Life

Teen Empowerment Workshop!

The teenager program is a program that is designed to help the teenagers to be able to love themselves and find happiness in their lives irrespective of the circumstances and challenges that they may experience. It is inspired by the adult Workshop Heal Your Life®, composed by Louise Hay, based on her philosophy.

This Teenager Workshop is only done by certified Heal Your Life® Teachers.

There are 2 different age groups:

  • 12-14 years old
  • 15-18 years old

It is a place here teenagers learn new skills and are offered tools that help them living a nicer life, which they influence themselves, and where they support each other during this process.

These tools are an addition and are to be integrated in therapies that may or may not be followed already. During these interactive workshops, the teenagers learn new skills through exercises, discussions and group assignments.

This program is exclusively for teenagers. This allows for the creation of a safe and nice environment in which teenagers can open up and can contribute to sharing life experiences and worries.

Care-givers and supporting personnel is strongly recommended to learn this new philosophy by taking the adult version of this program. This creates continuity and allows for further integration of what has already been learned.


  • How they can love themselves the way they are and discover that they are worthy of being loved.
  • Looking at themselves as worthy, valuable and powerful.
  • To recognize negative emotions and undesired behavior and how to deal with this.
  • Identifying basic convictions and how to let go of negative convictions.
  • To build better relationships
  • To make better choices
  • Finding inner wisdom and inner strength
  • Making themselves more powerful while transforming their lies by working with the body, mind and spirit connection.
  • To create harmony and balance in their life, including better health and more prosperity.
  • To develop a new vision for their future and create supporting convictions.


More resilience, better relations and collaboration between the teenagers, their family and possible supporting professionals and teenagers that are happier .

Because awareness is the key to changing oneself, this program offers the teenager a unique opportunity to discover who they are, to discover limiting thoughts and their influence, while gaining confidence to live their lives purposefully and with satisfaction.


  • Workshop of 3 hours
  • 1- or 2-day Intensive Workshop.
  • 6-week study group
  • 10-week study group

Permission for parent/care-giver is necessary for teenagers younger than 18 years old

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