Heal Your Life
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Stress management is an inside Job!

In this training, your learn to create a perfect balance between working and enjoying. You learn how to deal with stress factors in a positive way. You receive concrete stress management techniques and skills for exactly those situations where you need to perform under pressure. You learn tools that improve your general wellbeing and your functioning within your job and daily life.


  • Inventory personal stress factors
  • Managing stress: tips & techniques
  • Lowering, preventing and managing stress
  • Stress management: concrete approach
  • Practical exercises

Our approach is easy-going, concrete and result-focused. Through tests, practical experience exercises and self-reflection, we want to let participants discover which influences stress can have in your daily functioning.

During this practical training, you learn to recognize the habits and thought patterns that lead to stress and how you can change them into inner peace and concentrated focus. You are offered exercises to increase your resilience so that you can handle new stress factors in the future, supported by your personal growth book and with a stress journal.


  • Lecture
  • Half-day workshop
  • Day workshop
  • 6-week training

Guidebook + Personal growth book + stress journal

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