Heal Your Life

Individual Life Coaching

An intensive 1-on-1 coaching trajectory, based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.

This trajectory is customized, completely matching your personal questions and issues.

Coaching also functions as personal deepening of the previously taken workshops & training.

  • Do you think about yourself… ‘I’m not good enough?’
  • Do you have the feeling you’re not happy, but still have everything to be happy?
  • Are you afraid to ‘really’ look at yourself in the mirror?
  • Do you often disagree with yourself or others?
  • Do you think there’s more in it for you than what you’re getting out now?
  • Do you always have to be strong?
  • Do you have trouble handling your emotions, but do you feel them surfacing?
  • Do your relationships with other people sometimes get stuck?
  • Do you sometimes think: ‘Is this all there is?’
  • Do you have trouble being yourself?
  • Are you happy with who you are, but do you feel that you can’t or aren’t allowed to be yourself?

Then Coaching is something for you! 

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