Heal Your Life

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Unique challenges require unique perspectives, they always have.


lnfused with brilliant coaching this is one of those workshops that can place you on the fast track to vibrant health, happiness and good old-fashioned daily joy.

We focus on the beauty of who you are in a more general way - the bright shining person that you are - it's simply a new beginning that will uplift you and so many others in your life. 

The intention with this 2-day workshop is to energise any of your days and uplift you with simple proven tools and strategies that can work miracles in your life.

This workshop is about YOU and your key moments and thoughts that have brought you to where you are now.

Louise Hay says: “There is no ‘magical solution’ or ‘secret process’ available to feel happy, but there is a simply tool box filled with inspiring insights and practical exercises that you can use daily to experience a constant flow of positive changes.”

On one hand, the limiting beliefs about yourself and the important aspects in your life. On the other hand, by identifying your issues and cleaning the emotional residu that is connected with them. Accepting yourself and learning to love yourself is an important aspect of this philosophy.

Life is a gift. Most of us live our lives as though it's a chore and it needn't be this way. Our biggest challenges can be the biggest gifts and opportunities we ever have.

This could be the year you become empowered to break through all of your old outdated relationship patterns - with yourself and others - and create a lifetime of love, health and the wellbeing you want more of. 

The only thing you need is a sincere desire to immerse yourself in this philosophy to really experience its effect. Furthermore, your openness and willingness to do practical exercises is enough to make the desired changes.



What else can you expect?

  • A transformative training with intensive coaching
  • Manual
  • Free Follow-up (2 sessies via group videoconference) 
  • Small groups

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