Heal Your Life

Ingrid Nolis - Holsbeek

This Teacher Training training is very complete and also takes you on a journey toward yourself. Roos presents this training with passion, lots of energy and vitality. I thought the guidance was very professional and given straight from the heart. 

Deeper layers on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels are touched upon. You return home completely reborn – with a backpack full with training tools – and also a bit tired but satisfied. 

I will definitely recommend your training. 

Caroline geirnaert.jpg

Caroline Geirnaert - Ronse

If you feel a connection with the philosophy of Louise Hay, you can now take the Heal Your Life Teacher Training in Belgium. That’s only possible in Dutch with Mary-Roos Nijs. If I could choose between different trainers, I would certainly choose Roos again.

She manages to get her knowledge and expertise across in a very professional way, intertwined with 100% love, lots of humor, with attention for all her participants and she also dares to talk about their own life experiences so that we, as participants, can learn from it. Thank you, Roos, to train us with heart and soul!


Conny Vos - 'S Gravenzande (NL)

I truly experienced an unforgettable week during which I went through inner processes and learned aa great deal about passing on the script. The materials are very extensive and valuable. The guidance was really amazing and the construction of the training is wonderful!

Roos is such a warm, energetic, affectionate, endearing and dedicated trainer/coach. I was so lucky to have her guide this part of my journey and that I can now take this with me in my own trainings. Inspiring!

Louise Hay will be grateful with such a trainer because I can’t imagine a better one! You feel the passion and the work with heart & soul. She keeps on making time for everyone and continues to bring lots of energy. Wow!

It was a transformative week with fantastic people! I enjoy everything from the top of my head to my toes! I will never forget this week! So beautiful and impressive! TOP NOTCH!


Heidi Morren

Wow… Yes wow, that is the feeling I have after this intense week! 

Arriving with the intention that I want to handle and solve what holds me back at this point in my life, this was a tough week for me. Moments of emotion, moments of sadness, moments of intense joy, a lot of resistance, the urge to leave and yet I stayed.

Guided perfectly by Roos who managed to guide me so well, felt so well what I needed!

The intense atmosphere in the group, it was a week that will cherish deeply and forever! There were 9 of us, we all went through many personal processes, we turned inside and back outside, the circle is finished! We are ready to step into the next level. The exercise on the last day was so intensely beautiful!!! In that exercise, I essentially married myself. I was able to heal my inner child at a very deep level. I feel that I can allow joy and love. I learned that harmony is necessary and that Life also provides that harmony and I learned that it is okay to receive.

I love to give, but a women is naturally a receiving being and that is also something I was allowed to learn, to feel, to experience this week, with the support of the group, the heart-warming guidance of Roos. I am proud that I can go and teach people how they can discover the inner beauty in themselves and make the world a more beautiful place!

Sweet Roos, thank you! Thank you for your guidance, for all your answers, for sharing your knowledge and sharing your story. Thank you for lifting me up to a higher level. My life goal and mission are so much clearer now. And thanks for really getting me in touch with my feelings.



Nancy Swerts - Tongeren

Roos, since I met you, my life has changed completely in a positive way.

The Teacher Training was a ‘Life-Changing Experience’! You taught me so much in your unique, loving, warm way. So much knowledge and wisdom and enormous amounts of great training materials! I feel like a teacher with a trailer of material instead of a briefcase. You are my mentor!

An example for each trainer; so many talents and skills in a beautiful, warm, gracious woman. I admire you completely. Such enthusiasm and pure passion are enchanting. Thanks to you I’m 'Enamorada de la Vida' again.

Thank you so much for everything! Love you 4ever!



Geraldine Steylemans - Ruddervoorde

IIn September, 2015, I took the 2.5-day ‘Love Yourself, Heal Your Life’ workshop with Roos.

A workshop filled with positivity, getting to know yourself better and deeper – and mostly different negative patterns, obstacles and traps that I still experienced in my life – exploring further and transforming in a loving war.

After many years of taking workshops and courses about personal growth and increasing awareness, this weekend was still eye-opening! Sometimes confronting to, for example, experience which negative convictions keep me from creating the best version of myself in this life.

This workshop with the philosophy of L Hay is recommended to everyone who wants to experience a feeling of inner freedom and happiness and their everyday life, and wants regain their strength! Learning to love yourself – extending this to each detail of your life – forgiving yourself and others and taking 100% of responsibility for your life and your manifestations… These are just a few topics that “enrich” this workshop.

The guidance offered by Roos is heartwarming, supportive, inspiring, motivating and also humorful!

I got to know Roos better during the Teacher Training in February. Once again, this training week was deeper transformation process for me – a once-in-a-lifetime experience – both in terms of content, the atmosphere in the group, and the way Roos guided us! Also, the fact that her courses are filled with (often funny) personal life experiences makes everything so unique! I can only say that my appreciation for her as teacher and as a person only increased. If anyone walks on the path of “walk your talk”, it has to be Roos! She remains a ‘listening ear’ for others in a professional, warm and affectionate way, both during and after the course moments! Really GREAT!

I would like to thank you Roos sincerely for the enrichment that I was able to experience in myself, because of your warm way of Being during the 2.5-day workshop, the coaching sessions and the teacher training.

Personally, I broke a lot of barriers, gained many insights, and was also able to experience plenty of ‘magical’ moments. My soul smiles gratefully…!

It’s been a great benefit for me to have you as my mentor, now that I, too, can walk the path of Heal Your Life® teacher and can help spread the transforming philosophy by Louise Hay.

Warm hug!

Geraldine Steylemans


VĂ©ronique Hendrickx - Zetrud Lumay

I was scared to spend a whole week in a group, to speak in front of a group and to be out of my comfort zone for so long.

But it was amazing: unbelievably nice, powerful and intense guidance, very inspiring in a beautiful location and with a superb organization.

Since I got to know Inner Wellness (Roos), I gained a lot of awareness and my life has become very different.

I think that the trainer/coach is someone unique with plenty of qualities. This training is a real change in my life!

Simply a fantastic week and an incredible experience!

Thank you Roos


Lindsay Laenen - Tienen

I am truly grateful that you came into my life. Because of your training, I look at things completely differently and I actually dare to do something because the materials are really fun and are a solid tool to actually do something with them.

Roos works/guides with heart and soul in an enthusiastic way. The guidance is affectionate, open-hearted and contains many tips!

Feel the fear and do it anyway is now my new motto!

Keep doing the great work!


pasfoto sandra31.jpg

Sandra Hoeven - Rotem

To say it in one word: ‘WOW!’

What an educational, inspiring, fascinating and transformative training week in a beautiful accommodation with culinary treats.

The guidance was supportive, calming and very clear and always in a safe environment.

I will never forget this beautiful week! I cherish it in my heart forever!

A thankful memory for life!


Kelly Christis - Bree

Sweet Roos,

WOW! I really enjoyed the Teacher Training! With lots of passion, love and inspiration, you manage to guide us from one process to the next. Our lives have become so much richer because of this!

The training days were really exceptional! Very good content, professional and loving. Yet challenging and energy-demanding, but very good!

This truly is a world-class training!

Thanks so much!

Warm greetings,


Silvia Contartese - Diepenbeek

My feeling was right… that this would be a very important and fun training for me… and that was so true!

It was a magical ‘Teacher Training’, very educational, valuable, fascinating, healing and very inspiring.

The training was supported beautifully and especially lovingly and divinely guided ;-).

I received beautiful materials and great examples, applicable to the needs of the group…

I can only recommend this training! You are my first and only inspiration in this kind of training & coaching!


Christel van Loon - Kermt

The Heal Your Life Teacher Training by Mary-Roos is absolutely recommended! A true journey to the inside and back out!

Roos guides you during the process in a professional and very loving way. I went home with a backpack filled with inspiration and can’t way to put the philosophy of Louise Hay into practical use with lots of love!

Thank you very much, sweet Roos!


Wendy Van Gijsegem - Affligem


Because of the cordial greeting and beautiful location you will feel good and safe immediately.

All exercises are explained clearly and guided wonderfully. Everyone shares with each other, even Roos, and I think that was very educational and valuable.

Roos doesn’t spare you and allows you to go through the processes fully, however confronting they may be. But she’s always ready to support and, if necessary, even console you. She always makes sure that a course day ends with a positive note.

You really feel the energy and love. This is an experience I wouldn’t want to miss for the world. I have so many new tools and insights and am so grateful for the amazing guidance and training. You feel that Roos works from the heart and was completely present. 

Roos, I sincerely enjoyed your bubbling energy, your capable guidance and warm personality. Very authentic and extremely inspiring!

I am really grateful I was able to experience this.

Jolanda RK1.jpg

Jolanda Van Santen - Etten Leur (NL)

I experienced the Heal Your Life Teacher training as very exceptional. Roos show that she has enormous knowledge and skills and that she knows how to put them to use.

The group was very tights from the very first day and that is thanks to the safe environment Roos creates. You feel that you can and are allowed to be yourself.

Roos is an inspiring coach/trainer who taught me so much. I now feel that I am ready to share this philosophy with others.

Thank you Roos for this amazing training! It was excellent and I can’t of anything that I would change.


Mary Jupijn.jpg

Mary Jupijn - Houten (NL)

Roos, your Teacher Training was fantastic and with so much attention for every person.

We received the right tools and you have shared your knowledge with passion and skill.

The program is really filled, but the guidance was perfect! Roos, you are a super-enthusiastic and very talented Top Teacher/Coach/Trainer!

You’ve even given me something amazing. The love for myself and my self-value.

Thank you very much!


Candy Julien - Dilsen

Wow! This training week is simply fantastic, transformative and exceptionally educational. Full with insights and knowledge, you return home to start your own practice.

You receive enough tools and materials, follow-up and support. Roos, you do this so well! You’re always there with your own unique beauty and loving strength! I think Roos is an amazing trainer!

Thank you for doing this and for being who you are! This is after all the most beautiful experience and week of growth in my life and is totally worth the money!

Big hug


Goele Boydens - Ostend

Thank you very much, top coach, you are a super lady and above all a warm angel!

Let’s list out a few points:

  • You are a superb teacher!!!!
  • Your courses and course materials are great, huge amount of information
  • I think it’s fantastic how you approach everyone personally without ever losing sight of the group, impressive!!
  • The love you radiate is unparalleled…. Wonderful!!

I will definitely recommend the course, I already feel what it did to me and I can’t wait to start using it, however minimally it may be.

And also thanks again for the beautiful closing ceremony, executed with grace and very moving! Warm hug and enjoy the proud feeling that you helped 10 other people build a fantastic life!

Thank you!!!!


Isabel Bulcke - De Haan


The week of the Teacher training was phenomenal! The way you put your passion into the training is so inspiring that you immediately want to begin sharing that knowledge with other people.

This week was also a transformation for myself and has given me many new insights again and, of course, I gained plenty of knowledge as well.

The accommodation was also great, not to speak of our fantastic group!! 

In short, it was a magical week. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.



conny knaepen.jpg

Conny Knaepen - Genk

This is a training that adds a lot of depth to my life. A training with many confronting insights but so beautiful because of the courage to enter our new story.

Wonderful how Roos knows how to treat us with her warm heart and submerge us in a bath of Love. A road with obstacles that was cleared with insights, leading to a new life.

There is room for fun, but you still always work on the materials in a serious way.

You bring out the best in people! I am extremely grateful to have you as a mentor in my life.


Carla Pouls - Bree

Ik heb bij jou de tweedaagse workshop (Love Yourself, Heal Your Life) en de Jaartraining 'Je kunt je leven helen' en nu de Teacher Training gevolgd. 

Ik heb dit gedaan omdat ik ontzettend tevreden ben over jou en je manier van coachen/trainen. Proffesioneel, diepgaand, zorgzaam en met humor. 

Je weet me telkens weer te inspireren en ik blijf steeds nieuwe inzichten over mezelf krijgen. SUPER!!! 

Bedankt! Je bent een engel! 



Josiane Coninx - Peer

De Heal Your Life Teacher Training van Louise Hay, heb ik als heel warm, zeer inzichtrijk en verrijkend ervaren met heel veel materialen om aan de slag te gaan, dat zeer duidelijk maakt dat Roos in ons, het beste naar boven haalt om een echte Teacher te worden. 

De dagen verliepen heel vlot, intens en met momenten plezierig. Ik ga heel geinspireerd, voldaan en gelukzalig naar huis. Het was een heel toffe en aangename week!

Je bent een geweldig, hartelijk, uniek en lief mens! 

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