Heal Your Life
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Louise Hay (10/08/1926) enjoys international fame as an authority in the field of personal growth. Her most well-known and famous bestseller is “You can heal your life”; a groundbreaking work in which all the wisdom that she acquired after many years of studying and research as well as her work as metaphysical counselor, is included.

By now, she has sold more than 38 million books worldwide in 25 different languages. Her insights were also made into an inspiring movie, which also had plenty of success worldwide.

Her first bestseller ‘You can heal your life’ is still regarded as the go-to book for people who would like to get to know themselves better and want to improve the quality of their lives.

Louise Hay had a youth filled with abuse, sexual abuse, poverty and violence, suffered from cancer and went through a painful divorce. She is 87 years old, enjoys life and most importantly: she is happy! With her beaming personality and by setting an example in her life, Louise is a huge source of inspiration for many.

Currently, Louise Hay is still very much present, with her last new books that she wrote in the past 3 years: 

  • All is well! She wrote this book together with Dr. Mona Lisa Schuz. A book in which regular medicine and the insights of Louise Hay are explored from the viewpoint of a medically educated doctor.
  • You can create an exceptional life! She wrote this book together with the well-known coach/philosopher Cheryl Richardson.
  • You can heal your heart! She wrote this book with mourning expert David Kessler. A book about healing your heart after a break-up, divorce, death,…

Her loving and deep insights are a source of inspiration for people who would like to get to know themselves better and want to improve the quality of their lives.

“Life is not something that happens to us”, says Louise Hay. In her books, she explains that our thoughts and convictions about ourselves and about our life become reality for us and, therefore, are often the cause of our emotional and physical problems.

She teaches us that loving yourself is allowed and that it can even be healing. She teaches us tools and ways to change our thoughts and our lives.

Louise says: “I see myself as a direction arrow on the exploratory journey to yourself.

By teaching people how to love themselves, I create a safe space, so that they can discover how incredible they are. That’s the only thing I do.”



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