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Who is Mary-Roos Nijs

Your Heal Your Life Teacher & Life Coach Trainer and the driving force behind Heal Your Life Benelux is Mary-Roos Nijs (° 03/04/1975).

Roos started her basic training ‘You can heal your life’ in 2004 and completed the course leader training in 2005 in the Netherlands.

In 2008, after the huge success of her film about her groundbreaking work, Louise L. Hay decided to protect her name and workshops to guarantee uniformity and quality.
This is why the international 'Heal your Life®' license was created.

Later, Roos took additional courses in San Diego (USA), in Birmingham (UK) and in Orlando (USA). That is where she felt the ‘real’ spirit behind the work of Louise Hay, which added an entirely new dimension to her work and workshops.

We are proud to announce that Inner Wellness – the company of Mary-Roos Nijs – is allowed to organize the only Dutch-speaking Teacher Training in the world, approved and authorized by Louise L. Hay as well as HayHouse® Inc. & Heart Inspired Presentations® LLC.

Mary-Roos Nijs is recognized as:

  • International Heal your Life® Licensed Teacher
  • International Heal your Life® Licensed Life Coach
  • International Heal your Life® Licensed Business Trainer
  • International Heal your Life® Licensed Teacher-Trainer. 
  • International Heal Your Life® Licensed Life Coach Trainer

Since 2005, Roos offers interactive lectures, personal coaching, retreats and workshops and a year training.

She also organizes the Heal your Life® Teacher Training for Belgium, the Netherlands and Suriname.

These transformative, powerful and above all practical trainings help you to integrate and apply Louise’s insights in your day-to-day life.

You don’t become Trainer/Coach overnight. It is a process of gaining knowledge and experience that takes years.

Take a look at her background and extensive resume by clicking on the link below.

You can also visit to get to know Roos even better and read additional testimonials. 


Download hier het CV van Mary-Roos Nijs

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